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Dr. Gupta has been passionate about charity work for the past 14 years.  She, her husband, Dr. Mantu Gupta (a world-renowned urologist and Chairman of Urology at Mt. Sinai-Roosevelt, NYC) and her 3 children, Sarina, Dilan, and Kasmira co-founded SaDilKa (named after the children) Foundation, a non-profit organization to help the underprivileged throughout the world.  The family donate their time and services towards the realization of various goals:  to offer medical care or to perform advanced oculoplastic or urologic surgery on those who are suffering; to teach and train the local doctors and resident doctors on such techniques; to tutor children in basic reading/writing/math; and to give lectures to students in elementary schools to stress the importance of primary and secondary education.  All 3 children have been immersed in these camps since inception to foster a humanitarian spirit in them.

The Guptas have been to villages in India (Ajmer, Rajkot, Bhopal, Bhavnagar, Mahuva), China (Xi’An Province), and Africa (Arrusha, Tanzania).  Inspired by SaDilKa, Sarina serves as a mentor to homeless psychiatric patients in Montreal while Dilan serves as a tutor and mentor to high school students from Harlem.  He has been successful in getting many kids off the streets and on to books.

The surgical camps are coordinated by the local doctors and volunteers. Hundreds of patients in near and distant villages and clinics are screened prior to the arrival of Dr. Gupta in India. Some villagers may travel hundreds of miles for the possibility of an improvement of their chronic pain or condition that has gone untreated for years. Upon arrival in India, the initial day is spent triaging the patients. Those in need of surgery are provided free room and board on the premises. Those who are managed conservatively are prescribed the appropriate medication or are sent home with the hope that the future may bring a cure for their malady. Typically, twelve to twenty surgeries are performed daily from dawn until dusk until every patient has been treated.

Dr. Gupta also donates to the following charities:

Copland House

The Connecticut Clean Water Fund

War Child USA

Vraj Foundation

Atul Desai Foundation

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